On the heels of a Godly illusion, this collection was born! Treading the path of creating these art works, the further I went, the more I transformed from being a creator to being a quester.
As an inclusive element covering the inside and outside space, line caught my attention. Searching through lines to find shapes or formation of things from the lines themselves in its origin were imaginations that led to the creation of  the collection Use your illusion.
Not overnight but one step at a time took me to the desire for constructing a world withdrawn from inside of the unseen existing in my own habitat. A desire which turned out to be my underlying intention for creating this collection.
Terminologically, in illusion and imagination, there might be a preference between one another. But colloquially speaking, probably not much of a sense nuance lies between them!
Keys: light, geometry, interstitial spaces, things, time, place, recreation, intuitive, Faraday.
Toktam Saberi Ashrafi – Spring 2021